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Network Working Group                                   Mark Krilanovich
RFC #436                                                UCSB
NIC #13700                                              Jan. 10 1973

Announcement of RJS at UCSB

There now is resident under socket 5 at UCSB a server program which
supports a subset of the Remote Job Entry Protocol of RFC #407. This document includes enough information to allow the user to gain access to, and use the more basic function of UCSB's RJS. An RFC containing more detailed documentation will be forthcoming shortly.

The accounting parameters needed to login to RJS are a userid and a
password, each consisting of one to eight alphameric characters, the first of which must be alphabetic. The userid is, at present, completely arbitrary. The password is arbitrary the first time it is used with a particular userid; in subsequent logins with that userid, the same password must appear. Eventually, users will be assigned userid-password pairs by UCSB Computer Center.

The only transmission mode supported currently is T (TELNET-like
carriage control); any other is treated as T. The other modes will soon be added. The only disposition supported is the default transmit-and- discard; any other is treated as transmit-and discard. The other dispositions may or may not be added later.

For consistency and user convenience, the command 'INUSER' may be
substituted for 'INID' and 'OUTPATH' for 'OUT'. The following commands are not as yet implemented: ABORT, ALTER, BACK, HOLD, OP RECOVER, RESTART, AND SKIP. At least some of these will be implemented relatively soon.

In order to accommodate users of TENEX FTP servers, the commands
'INACCT' and 'OUTACCT' have been added. These are used to set the account number used in the file retrieval and storage operations, respectively. The command 'ACCT' may be used to get both account numbers. If one of these account numbers has not been specified, the FTP 'ACCT' command will be omitted from the appropriate file operation. These commands have the familiar syntax of <command verb> followed by <space> or optionally '-', followed by <parameter> and <CR> <LF>. The <operand> is an account number consisting of one to six alphameric characters.

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