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Network Working Group                     Alex McKenzie
RFC #334                                  BBN
NIC 9927                                  1 May 1972

Network Use on MAY 8

Vint Cerf of UCLA Network Measurement Center has just indicated
to us a requirement to carry out certain performance experiments on the network prior to installation of the new IMP software on May 15. These experiments are designed to measure network performance under heavy traffic load to a single site, and thus may cause the network to "lock up" such that _no_ traffic can flow (a problem which the new IMP software is de- signed to prevent). Vint has indicated to us that ARPA regards these experiments as extremely important in spite of the possibility of lockup; we have therefore agreed to assist with the experiments and scheduled them for May 8.

Although we do not know whether these experiments will cause
lockup, we suggest that sites do not schedule important network work for Monday, May 8. We apologize for the lateness of this announcement.

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