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This is a modified version of the Internet RFC suitable for machine-translating. Original version is available here: RFC329

Obsoleted by: 363

Network Working Group                         Network Information Center
Request for Comments: 329                    Stanford Research Institute
Obsoletes: 303                                               17 May 1972
NIC: 9636



The following are three lists to be used for distribution of Network documents. List A should be used by sites when they distribute their own documents, to get RFC's to Liaisons as quickly as possible. All but local mail should be sent Air Mail. Lists B and C will be used by NIC in making distribution of copies to non-site Network Participants and to Station Agents.

For phone numbers and lists of names by sites see the Current Directory of Network Participants.

Note: This list includes all Network Liaisons and others who should receive initial distribution of RFC's, whether sent from NIC or from sites. They will also receive selected catalogs and other formal documents from NIC.


Mr. Michael J. Romanelli Aberdeen Research and Development Center Aberdeen Proving Ground, Maryland 21005

(301) 278-4574 AMEC

AFGWC Ralph E. Hall, Jr.
Commanding Officer/USAMERDC
Lt. John C. Thomas SMEFB-BC AF Global Weather Central (DN) Fort Belvoir, Virginia, 22060 Offutt Air Force Base, Nebraska 68113

(402) 294-5245 (703) 664-5511
Network Information Center                                      [Page 1]

RFC 329                ARPA NETWORK MAILING LISTS               May 1972
A. Wayne Hathaway                    Dr. Patrick W. Foulk
Mail Stop 233-9 Jennings Computing Center NASA Ames Research Center Room 306, Crawford Hall Moffett Field, Calif. 94035 Case Western Reserve University
10900 Euclid Avenue
(415) 965-6033 Cleveland, Ohio 44106

AMES-ILLIAC (216) 368-2936

John W. McConnell CCA NASA Ames Research Center Mail Stop 202-10 Richard A. Winter Moffett Field, Calif. 94035 Computer Corporation of America
565 Technology Square
(415)965-5191 Cambridge, Mass. 02139

ARPA (617) 491-3670

Steve D. Crocker CMU
Advanced Research Projects Agency
1400 Wilson Boulevard Harold R. Van Zoeren
Arlington, Virginia 22209 Carnegie-Mellon University
Computer Science Department
(202) 694-5037 or 694 5922 Schenley Park
Pittsburgh, Pa. 15213
(412)621-2600 x160
Alex McKenzie
Bolt Beranek and Newman Inc. DOCB
50 Moulton Street
Cambridge, Mass. 02138 Schuyler Stevenson R-523
Department of Commerce NOAA
(617) 491-1850 x441 325 South Broadway
Boulder, Colorado 80302
(303) 499-1000 x3863
Robert H. Thomas
Bolt Beranek and Newman Inc
50 Moulton Street
Cambridge, Mass. 02138

(617) 491-1850 x351
Network Information Center                                      [Page 2]

RFC 329                ARPA NETWORK MAILING LISTS               May 1972

Robert L. Sundberg William Kantrowitz Harvard University Massachusetts Institute of

Aiken Computation Laboratory Technology
33 Oxford Street Lincoln Laboratory
Cambridge, Mass. 02138 244 Wood Street
Lexington, Mass. 02173
(617) 495-4147
(617) 862-5500 x7349
Sol F. Seroussi IBM Watson Research Center Abhay Bhushan P.O. box 218 Project Mac Room 208 Yorktown Heights, Pew York 10598 545 Technology Square
Cambridge, Mass. 02139
(914) 945-2052
(617) 864-6900 x1428
Karl C. Kelley see MIT-DMCG University of Illinois Center for Advanced Computation MITRE Urbana, Illinois 61801
Peggy M. Karp
(217)333-8469 MITRE Corporation
Information Systems Dept., W140
LBL Westgate Research Park
McLean, Va. 22101
Robert L. Fink Lawrence Berkeley Labs (703) 893-3500 x2391 Bldg. 50A, Room 1143 Berkeley, California 94720 NBS

(415) 643-2740 x5351 Thomas N. Pyke, Jr.
National Bureau of Standards
LINC-67 Center for Computer Sciences
and Technology
Joel M. Winett Washington, D.C. 20234 Massachusetts Institute of
Technology (301) 921-2601
Lincoln Laboratory
244 Wood Street
Lexington, Mass. 02173

(617)862-5500 x7474
Network Information Center                                      [Page 3]

RFC 329                ARPA NETWORK MAILING LISTS               May 1972
A.D. (Buz) Owen
RADC Teledyne/Geotech
Seismic Analysis Array Center
Thomas F. Lawrence Box 334 Rene Air Development Center (ISIM) Alexandria, Va. 22314 Griffiss Air Force Base Rome, New York 13440 (703) 836-3882

(315) 330-3857 or 330-7834 SCI

RAND Gene Leichner
Systems Control, Inc.
John F. Heafner 260 Sheridan Ave. Rand Corporation Palo Alto, California 94306

Computer Science Department
1700 Main Street (415) 327-8823
Santa Monica, Calif. 90406
(213) 393-0411 x7606
Robert E. Long
RAY System Development Corporation
2500 Colorado Avenue
Thomas O'Sullivan Santa Monica, Calif. 90406
Raytheon Data Systems
1415 Boston-Providence Turnpike (213) 393-9411 x6994
Sudbury, Mass. 02062 or 6119

(617) 443-9521 x2945 SRI-AI

RUTGERS B. Michael Wilber
Stanford Research Institute
Gil Falk Artificial Intelligence Group Department of Computer Science 33 Ravenswood Avenue Hill Mathematics Center Menlo Park, Calif. 94025 University Heights Campus Rutgers University (415) 326-6200 x4593 New Brunswick,New Jersey 08903

(201) 932-2085
Network Information Center                                      [Page 4]

RFC 329                ARPA NETWORK MAILING LISTS               May 1972
James E. White Stanford Research Institute Reg E. Martin

Augmentation Research Center University of California
333 Ravenswood Avenue at Los Angeles
Menlo Park, Calif. 94025 405 Hilgard Avenue
Los Angeles, California 90024
(415) 329-0740
(213) 825-4822
Jeanne B. North (for NIC) Stanford Research Institute Robert T. Braden

Augmentation Research Center University of California
333 Ravenswood Avenue at Los Angeles
Menlo Park, Calif. 94025 5308 Math Sciences Building
Los Angeles, Calif. 90024
(213) 825-7518
James H. Stein Stanford University Ari O. Ollikainen Computer Science Dept. University of California AI Project at Los Angeles Stanford, Calif. 94305 Computer Science Department
3732 Boelter Hall
(415) 321-2300 x4971 Los Angeles, Calif. 90024

SU-HP (213) 825-2381 or 825-2368

Edward A. Feigenbaum UCSB Stanford University, Heuristic Programming Ron Stoughton Serra House University of California Stanford, Calif. 94305 at Santa Barbara
Computer Research Laboratory
(415)321-2300 x4878 Santa Barbara, Calif. 93106

(805) 961-3793
Network Information Center                                      [Page 5]

RFC 329                ARPA NETWORK MAILING LISTS               May 1972

Charles Holland James Pepin Computer Center University of Southern California University of California School of Engineering
at San Diego Los Angeles, Calif. 90007
La Jolla, Calif. 92037
(213) 746-2240
(714) 453-2000 x2598
Barry D. Wessler
John Davidson University of Utah University of Hawaii Computer Science/IRL

The Aloha System Salt Lake City, Utah 84112
2565 The Mall
Honolulu, Hawaii 96822 (801) 581-8378

Capt. George N. Petregal USAF-ETAC L. Peter Deutsch Bldg. 159 Xerox PARC Navy Yard Annex 3180 Porter Drive Washington, D.C. 20333 Palo Alto, California 94304

(202) 693-3911 or 693-3912 (415) 493-1600
Network Information Center                                      [Page 6]

RFC 329                ARPA NETWORK MAILING LISTS               May 1972

Note: These Network participants will receive all formal Network documents sent from NIC, in the mailing to Liaisons when such is made, otherwise at the time documents are sent to Station Agents.


Prof. Robert L. Ashenhurst John LeGates Institute for Computer Research EDUCOM University of Chicago 44 School Street Chicago, Illinois 60637 Boston, Mass. 02108

(312) 753-8762 (617) 227-1805


Maurice P. Brown, Director E. M. Aupperle Office of Computer Coordination MERIT Computer Network

Council of Ontario Universities University of Michigan
102 Bloor Street West 1037 N. University Building
Toronto 181, Ontario Ann Arbor, Michigan 48104

(416) 920-6865 (313) 764-9423


C.D. Shepard Tjaart Schipper Communications Research Center 13 Marijkestraat P.O. Box 490 Leiderdorp, Netherlands Ottawa, Canada K1N ATB
(613) 996-7051
Derek Barber
DART Computer Science Division
National Physical Laboratory
Prof. Robert F. Hargraves Teddington, Middlesex, England Kiewit Computation Center Darmouth University 01-977-3222 Hanover, New Hampshire 03755 (603)

(603) 646-2643 x3755
Network Information Center                                      [Page 7]

RFC 329                ARPA NETWORK MAILING LISTS               May 1972

Dr. D. D. Aufenkamp Dave Tywver Office of Computing Activities Computing Center

National Science Foundation University of British Columbia
1800 G Street, P.W. Vancouver 8, Canada
Washington, D. C. 20550
(604) 228-3072
(202) 632-7349
Prof. David Farber
A. Kenneth Showalter                 Dept. of Information and
Office of Naval Research Computer Science
Information Systems Programs University of California
800 North Quincy Street Irvine, Calif. 92664
Arlington, Va. 22217
(714) 833-6891
(202) 692-4304
Prof. Peter Kirstein
Dave Liddle Institute of Computer Science Owens Illinois, Inc. University of London Lewis Development Park, Bldg. 30 44 Gordon Square Perrysberg, Ohio 43551 London, W.C.1, England

(419) 242-6543 WASHU

SUNY Marianne Pepper
Washington University
Prof. Art J. Bernstein Computer Systems Laboratory SUNY Stoneybrook 724 South Euclid Avenue Dept. of computer Science St. Louis, Mo. 63110 Stoneybrook, L.I., N.Y. 11790
(314) 361-7356
(516) 246-4080

Prof. Donald Cowan Dept. Of Computer Science University of Waterloo Waterloo, Ontario, Canada

(519) 744-6111 x3292
Network Information Center                                      [Page 8]

RFC 329                ARPA NETWORK MAILING LISTS               May 1972

Note: Station Agents receive copies from NIC of all documents distributed to Liaisons, as well as documents sent as part of Station collection. A mailing is made to Station Agents once a week, or oftener when quantity warrants.


AMES-ILLIAC Martha A. Ginsberg
Computer Corporation of America
Stan Golding 565 Technology Square Mail Stop 233-13 Cambridge, Mass. 02139 NASA Ames Research Center Moffet Field, Calif. 94035 (617)491-3670

(415) 961-1111 x2501 CMU

ARPA Heather M. Shoub
Carnegie-Mellon University
Pam J. Klotz Computer Science Department
Advanced Research Projects Agency Schenley Park
1400 Wilson Boulevard Pittsburgh, Pa. 15213
Arlington, Va, 22209
(412) 621-2600 x140
(202) 694-5037
Dorothy A. Reynolds R-522
BBN-TENEX Department of Commerce NOAA
325 South Broadway
Steve G. Chipman Boulder, Colorado 80302
Bolt Beranek and Newman Inc.
50 Moulton Street (303) 499-1000
Cambridge, Mass. 02138
(617) 491-1850 x358
Bradley A. Reussow
CASE Harvard University
Aiken Computation Laboratory
John Barden 33 Oxford Street Case Western Reserve University Cambridge, Mass. 02138

Computing and Information Sciences
10900 Euclid Ave. (617) 495-4147
Cleveland, Ohio 44106

(216) 368-4467

Network Information Center                                      [Page 9]

RFC 329                ARPA NETWORK MAILING LISTS               May 1972


Craig Fields Frances Y. Knight Harvard University Project MAC

Psychology Department 545 Technology square
33 Kirkland Street Cambridge, Mass. 02139
Cambridge, Mass. 02138
(617)864-6900 x7705
(617) 495-3857

Marcia Trager MITRE University of Illinois

Center for Advanced Computation Ernest H. Forman
168 Engineering Research Laboratory MITRE Corporation
Urbana, Ill. 61801 Information Systems Dept., W150
Westgate Research Park
(217) 333-1515 McLean, Va. 22101

LBL (703) 893-3500 x2523 or 2318

Eric R. Beals NBS Lawrence Berkeley Labs Bldg. 50B, Room 3238B Mrs. Shirley W. Watkins Berkeley, California 94720 National Bureau of Standards
Bldg. 225, Room B216
(415) 843-2740 x5351 Washington, D.C. 20234

LINC-67 (301) 921-2601

Carol J. Mostrom NIC Massachusetts Institute of see SRI-ARC
Lincoln Laboratory RADC
244 Wood Street
Lexington, Mass. 02173 Robert E. Doane
Rome Air Development Center (ISIM)
(617) 862-5500 x7177 Griffiss Air Force Base
Rome, New York, 13440
see LINC-67 (315) 330-4254 or 330-4230
Network Information Center                                     [Page 10]

RFC 329                ARPA NETWORK MAILING LISTS               May 1972

Linda M. Connelly Janet W. Troxel Rand Corporation System Development Corporation

Computer Science Department Information Processing Information
1700 Main Street Center
Santa Monica, Calif. 90406 2500 Colorado Avenue
Santa Monica, Calif. 90406
(213) 393-0411 x635
(213) 393-9411 x495 or 534
Dan Odom, 1R9
Raytheon Company Rilla J. Reynolds
528 Boston Post Road Stanford Research Institute
Sudbury, Mass. 01776 Artificial Intelligence Group
333 Ravenswood Avenue
(617) 442-9521 x2870 Menlo Park, Calif. 94025

RUTGERS (415) 326-6200 x4618

Gil Falk SRI-ARC Department of Computer Science Hill Mathematics Center Cindy Page University Heights Campus Stanford Research Institute Rutgers University Augmentation Research Center New Brunswick,New Jersey 08903 333 Ravenswood Ave.
Menlo Park, Calif. 94025
(201) 932-2085
(415) 326-6200 x3007
Ann U. Kerr Teledyne/Geotech Barbara A. Barnett Seismic Analysis Array Center Stanford University Box 334 Artificial Intelligence Project Alexandria, Va. 22314 D.C. Power Lab
Stanford, Calif. 94305
(703) 836-3882
(415) 321-2300 x2800 or 4971

Barbara Carter
Systems Control, Inc.
260 Sheridan Ave.
Palo Alto. California 94306

(415) 327-9333

Network Information Center                                     [Page 11]

RFC 329                ARPA NETWORK MAILING LISTS               May 1972


Dee Larson Connie Rosewall Stanford University University of California Heuristic Programming Project at Santa Barbara Serra House Computer Research Laboratory Stanford, Calif. 94305 Santa Barbara, Calif. 93106

(415) 321-2300 x4878 (805) 961-3221


Reg. E. Martin Charles Holland University of California Computer Center

at Los Angeles University of California
405 Hilgard Avenue at San Diego
Los Angeles, California 99024 La Jolla, Calif. 90037

(213) 825-5834 (714) 453-2000 x2598


Imogen C. Beattie Margaret Iwamoto University of California University of Hawaii

at Los Angeles The Aloha System
3531 Boelter Hall 2565 The Mall
Los Angeles, Calif. 90024 Honolulu, Hawaii 96822

(213) 825-7541 USAF-ETAC

UCLA-NMC M/Sgt. Glen Grazier
Anita Coley Bldg. 159 University of California Navy Yard Annex
at Los Angeles Washington, D.C. 20333
Computer Science Department
3732 Boelter Hall (202) 693-3917
Los Angeles, Calif. 90024

(213) 825-4797
Network Information Center                                     [Page 12]

RFC 329                ARPA NETWORK MAILING LISTS               May 1972

Linda M. Webster Greg Hicks University of Southern California University of Utah Olin Hall of Engineering Computer Science Department Room 340 Salt Lake City, Utah 84112 Los Angeles, Calif. 90007
(801) 581-7888
(213) 746-6379

Diana Merry Xerox PARC 3180 Porter Drive Palo Alto, California 94304

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