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Obsoleted by: 604

Network Working Group                                         Jon Postel
Request for Comments: 317                                       UCLA-NMC
NIC: 9347                                                 March 20, 1972

Official Host-Host Protocol Modification: Assigned Link Numbers

I. Links 192,193,194 and 195 (decimal) are assigned for use by the Message Switching Protocol (MSP) experiment.

II. Links 159 through 190 (decimal) are assigned for network measurement purposes. These links are to be used only under the direction of the Network Measurement Center (NMC). Contact Vint Cerf, (213) 825-2368 for additional information.

III. On page 28 of NIC 8246 the link assignment table should read:


0 Control Link

2-71 Available for Connection

1, 72-158 Reserved--not for current use

159-191 To be used only for measurement work under the direction of the Network Measurement Center at UCLA

192-195 To be used for the Message Switching
Protocol experiment

196-255 Available for private experimental use

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