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This is a modified version of the Internet RFC suitable for machine-translating. Original version is available here: RFC154

Network Working Group                                         S. Crocker
Request for Comments: #154                                          UCLA
NIC: #6759                                                   12 May 1971
Categories: C.4
Updates: #107
Obsoletes: #132

Exposition Style

As a pedagogical device for describing functions such as the one below

           |                  +-----------------
           |                 /:
| / : | / : | / : | / :
           |            /     :
           |                  a

where two formulae, f1 and f2, are necessary for adjoining domains but the function is continous at the boundary point, I usually write the description in the form

f(x) = f1(x) for x =< a f(x) = f2(x) for x >= a

The astute reader will note that the domains overlap, but that f1(a) = f2(a), so no semantic ambiguity obtains.

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