RFC8101 IANA Registration of New Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) Resource-Priority Namespace for Mission Critical Push To Talk Service C. Holmberg, J. Axell [ March 2017 ]
RFC8102 Remote-LFA Node Protection and Manageability P. Sarkar, S. Hegde, C. Bowers, H. Gredler, S. Litkowski [ March 2017 ]
RFC8103 Using ChaCha20-Poly1305 Authenticated Encryption in the Cryptographic Message Syntax (CMS) R. Housley [ February 2017 ]
RFC8104 Pseudowire (PW) Endpoint Fast Failure Protection Y. Shen, R. Aggarwal, W. Henderickx, Y. Jiang [ March 2017 ]
RFC8105 Transmission of IPv6 Packets over Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications (DECT) Ultra Low Energy (ULE) P. Mariager, J. Petersen, Z. Shelby, M. Van de Logt, D. Barthel [ May 2017 ]
RFC8106 IPv6 Router Advertisement Options for DNS Configuration J. Jeong, S. Park, L. Beloeil, S. Madanapalli [ March 2017 ]
RFC8107 Advertising Digital Identifier (Ad-ID) URN Namespace Definition J. Wold [ March 2017 ]
RFC8108 Sending Multiple RTP Streams in a Single RTP Session J. Lennox, M. Westerlund, Q. Wu, C. Perkins [ March 2017 ]
RFC8109 Initializing a DNS Resolver with Priming Queries P. Koch, M. Larson, P. Hoffman [ March 2017 ]
RFC8110 Opportunistic Wireless Encryption D. Harkins, W. Kumari [ March 2017 ]
RFC8111 Locator/ID Separation Protocol Delegated Database Tree (LISP-DDT) V. Fuller, D. Lewis, V. Ermagan, A. Jain, A. Smirnov [ May 2017 ]
RFC8112 Locator/ID Separation Protocol Delegated Database Tree (LISP-DDT) Referral Internet Groper (RIG) D. Farinacci, A. Jain, I. Kouvelas, D. Lewis [ May 2017 ]
RFC8113 Locator/ID Separation Protocol (LISP): Shared Extension Message & IANA Registry for Packet Type Allocations M. Boucadair, C. Jacquenet [ March 2017 ]
RFC8114 Delivery of IPv4 Multicast Services to IPv4 Clients over an IPv6 Multicast Network M. Boucadair, C. Qin, C. Jacquenet, Y. Lee, Q. Wang [ March 2017 ]
RFC8115 DHCPv6 Option for IPv4-Embedded Multicast and Unicast IPv6 Prefixes M. Boucadair, J. Qin, T. Tsou, X. Deng [ March 2017 ]
RFC8116 Security Threats to the Optimized Link State Routing Protocol Version 2 (OLSRv2) T. Clausen, U. Herberg, J. Yi [ May 2017 ]
RFC8117 Current Hostname Practice Considered Harmful C. Huitema, D. Thaler, R. Winter [ March 2017 ]
RFC8118 The application/pdf Media Type M. Hardy, L. Masinter, D. Markovic, D. Johnson, M. Bailey [ March 2017 ]
RFC8119 SIP "cause" URI Parameter for Service Number Translation M. Mohali, M. Barnes [ March 2017 ]
RFC8120 Mutual Authentication Protocol for HTTP Y. Oiwa, H. Watanabe, H. Takagi, K. Maeda, T. Hayashi, Y. Ioku [ April 2017 ]
RFC8121 Mutual Authentication Protocol for HTTP: Cryptographic Algorithms Based on the Key Agreement Mechanism 3 (KAM3) Y. Oiwa, H. Watanabe, H. Takagi, K. Maeda, T. Hayashi, Y. Ioku [ April 2017 ]
RFC8122 Connection-Oriented Media Transport over the Transport Layer Security (TLS) Protocol in the Session Description Protocol (SDP) J. Lennox, C. Holmberg [ March 2017 ]
RFC8123 Requirements for Marking SIP Messages to be Logged P. Dawes, C. Arunachalam [ March 2017 ]
RFC8124 The Session Description Protocol (SDP) WebSocket Connection URI Attribute R. Ravindranath, G. Salgueiro [ March 2017 ]
RFC8125 Requirements for Password-Authenticated Key Agreement (PAKE) Schemes J. Schmidt [ April 2017 ]
RFC8126 Guidelines for Writing an IANA Considerations Section in RFCs M. Cotton, B. Leiba, T. Narten [ June 2017 ]
RFC8127 Mobile Access Gateway Configuration Parameters Controlled by the Local Mobility Anchor D. Patki, S. Gundavelli, J. Lee, Q. Fu, L. Bertz [ August 2017 ]
RFC8128 IETF Appointment Procedures for the ICANN Root Zone Evolution Review Committee C. Morgan [ March 2017 ]
RFC8129 Authentication Indicator in Kerberos Tickets A. Jain, N. Kinder, N. McCallum [ March 2017 ]
RFC8130 RTP Payload Format for the Mixed Excitation Linear Prediction Enhanced (MELPe) Codec V. Demjanenko, D. Satterlee [ March 2017 ]
RFC8131 RSVP-TE Signaling Procedure for End-to-End GMPLS Restoration and Resource Sharing X. Zhang, H. Zheng, R. Gandhi, Z. Ali, P. Brzozowski [ March 2017 ]
RFC8132 PATCH and FETCH Methods for the Constrained Application Protocol (CoAP) P. van der Stok, C. Bormann, A. Sehgal [ April 2017 ]
RFC8133 The Security Evaluated Standardized Password-Authenticated Key Exchange (SESPAKE) Protocol S. Smyshlyaev. Ed., E. Alekseev, I. Oshkin, V. Popov [ March 2017 ]
RFC8134 Management Incident Lightweight Exchange (MILE) Implementation Report C. Inacio, D. Miyamoto [ May 2017 ]
RFC8135 Complex Addressing in IPv6 M. Danielson, M. Nilsson [ April 2017 ]
RFC8136 Additional Transition Functionality for IPv6 B. Carpenter, R. Hinden [ April 2017 ]
RFC8137 IEEE 802.15.4 Information Element for the IETF T. Kivinen, P. Kinney [ May 2017 ]
RFC8138 IPv6 over Low-Power Wireless Personal Area Network (6LoWPAN) Routing Header P. Thubert, C. Bormann, L. Toutain, R. Cragie [ April 2017 ]
RFC8139 Transparent Interconnection of Lots of Links (TRILL): Appointed Forwarders D. Eastlake 3rd, Y. Li, M. Umair, A. Banerjee, F. Hu [ June 2017 ]
RFC8140 The Arte of ASCII: Or, An True and Accurate Representation of an Menagerie of Thynges Fabulous and Wonderful in Ye Forme of Character A. Farrel [ April 2017 ]
RFC8141 Uniform Resource Names (URNs) P. Saint-Andre, J. Klensin [ April 2017 ]
RFC8142 GeoJSON Text Sequences S. Gillies [ April 2017 ]
RFC8143 Using Transport Layer Security (TLS) with Network News Transfer Protocol (NNTP) J. Elie [ April 2017 ]
RFC8144 Use of the Prefer Header Field in Web Distributed Authoring and Versioning (WebDAV) K. Murchison [ April 2017 ]
RFC8145 Signaling Trust Anchor Knowledge in DNS Security Extensions (DNSSEC) D. Wessels, W. Kumari, P. Hoffman [ April 2017 ]
RFC8146 Adding Support for Salted Password Databases to EAP-pwd D. Harkins [ April 2017 ]
RFC8147 Next-Generation Pan-European eCall R. Gellens, H. Tschofenig [ May 2017 ]
RFC8148 Next-Generation Vehicle-Initiated Emergency Calls R. Gellens, B. Rosen, H. Tschofenig [ May 2017 ]
RFC8149 RSVP Extensions for Reoptimization of Loosely Routed Point-to-Multipoint Traffic Engineering Label Switched Paths (LSPs) T. Saad, R. Gandhi, Z. Ali, R. Venator, Y. Kamite [ April 2017 ]
RFC8150 MPLS Transport Profile Linear Protection MIB S. Kingston Smiler, M. Venkatesan, D. King, S. Aldrin, J. Ryoo [ April 2017 ]
RFC8151 Use Cases for Data Center Network Virtualization Overlay Networks L. Yong, L. Dunbar, M. Toy, A. Isaac, V. Manral [ May 2017 ]
RFC8152 CBOR Object Signing and Encryption (COSE) J. Schaad [ July 2017 ]
RFC8153 Digital Preservation Considerations for the RFC Series H. Flanagan [ April 2017 ]
RFC8154 Parallel NFS (pNFS) Small Computer System Interface (SCSI) Layout C. Hellwig [ May 2017 ]
RFC8155 Traversal Using Relays around NAT (TURN) Server Auto Discovery P. Patil, T. Reddy, D. Wing [ April 2017 ]
RFC8156 DHCPv6 Failover Protocol T. Mrugalski, K. Kinnear [ June 2017 ]
RFC8157 Huawei's GRE Tunnel Bonding Protocol N. Leymann, C. Heidemann, M. Zhang, B. Sarikaya, M. Cullen [ May 2017 ]
RFC8158 IP Flow Information Export (IPFIX) Information Elements for Logging NAT Events S. Sivakumar, R. Penno [ December 2017 ]
RFC8159 Keyed IPv6 Tunnel M. Konstantynowicz, G. Heron, R. Schatzmayr, W. Henderickx [ May 2017 ]
RFC8160 IUTF8 Terminal Mode in Secure Shell (SSH) S. Tatham, D. Tucker [ April 2017 ]
RFC8161 Benchmarking the Neighbor Discovery Protocol W. Cerveny, R. Bonica, R. Thomas [ May 2017 ]
RFC8162 Using Secure DNS to Associate Certificates with Domain Names for S/MIME P. Hoffman, J. Schlyter [ May 2017 ]
RFC8163 Transmission of IPv6 over Master-Slave/Token-Passing (MS/TP) Networks K. Lynn, J. Martocci, C. Neilson, S. Donaldson [ May 2017 ]
RFC8164 Opportunistic Security for HTTP/2 M. Nottingham, M. Thomson [ May 2017 ]
RFC8165 Design Considerations for Metadata Insertion T. Hardie [ May 2017 ]
RFC8166 Remote Direct Memory Access Transport for Remote Procedure Call Version 1 C. Lever, W. Simpson, T. Talpey [ June 2017 ]
RFC8167 Bidirectional Remote Procedure Call on RPC-over-RDMA Transports C. Lever [ June 2017 ]
RFC8168 DHCPv6 Prefix-Length Hint Issues T. Li, C. Liu, Y. Cui [ May 2017 ]
RFC8169 Residence Time Measurement in MPLS Networks G. Mirsky, S. Ruffini, E. Gray, J. Drake, S. Bryant, A. Vainshtein [ May 2017 ]
RFC8170 Planning for Protocol Adoption and Subsequent Transitions D. Thaler [ May 2017 ]
RFC8171 Transparent Interconnection of Lots of Links (TRILL): Edge Directory Assistance Mechanisms D. Eastlake 3rd, L. Dunbar, R. Perlman, Y. Li [ June 2017 ]
RFC8172 Considerations for Benchmarking Virtual Network Functions and Their Infrastructure A. Morton [ July 2017 ]
RFC8173 Precision Time Protocol Version 2 (PTPv2) Management Information Base V. Shankarkumar, L. Montini, T. Frost, G. Dowd [ June 2017 ]
RFC8174 Ambiguity of Uppercase vs Lowercase in RFC 2119 Key Words B. Leiba [ May 2017 ]
RFC8175 Dynamic Link Exchange Protocol (DLEP) S. Ratliff, S. Jury, D. Satterwhite, R. Taylor, B. Berry [ June 2017 ]
RFC8176 Authentication Method Reference Values M. Jones, P. Hunt, A. Nadalin [ June 2017 ]
RFC8177 YANG Data Model for Key Chains A. Lindem, Y. Qu, D. Yeung, I. Chen, J. Zhang [ June 2017 ]
RFC8178 Rules for NFSv4 Extensions and Minor Versions D. Noveck [ July 2017 ]
RFC8179 Intellectual Property Rights in IETF Technology S. Bradner, J. Contreras [ May 2017 ]
RFC8180 Minimal IPv6 over the TSCH Mode of IEEE 802.15.4e (6TiSCH) Configuration X. Vilajosana, K. Pister, T. Watteyne [ May 2017 ]
RFC8181 A Publication Protocol for the Resource Public Key Infrastructure (RPKI) S. Weiler, A. Sonalker, R. Austein [ July 2017 ]
RFC8182 The RPKI Repository Delta Protocol (RRDP) T. Bruijnzeels, O. Muravskiy, B. Weber, R. Austein [ July 2017 ]
RFC8183 An Out-of-Band Setup Protocol for Resource Public Key Infrastructure (RPKI) Production Services R. Austein [ July 2017 ]
RFC8184 Dual-Homing Protection for MPLS and the MPLS Transport Profile (MPLS-TP) Pseudowires W. Cheng, L. Wang, H. Li, S. Davari, J. Dong [ June 2017 ]
RFC8185 Dual-Homing Coordination for MPLS Transport Profile (MPLS-TP) Pseudowires Protection W. Cheng, L. Wang, H. Li, J. Dong, A. D'Alessandro [ June 2017 ]
RFC8186 Support of the IEEE 1588 Timestamp Format in a Two-Way Active Measurement Protocol (TWAMP) G. Mirsky, I. Meilik [ June 2017 ]
RFC8187 Indicating Character Encoding and Language for HTTP Header Field Parameters J. Reschke [ September 2017 ]
RFC8188 Encrypted Content-Encoding for HTTP M. Thomson [ June 2017 ]
RFC8189 Multi-Cost Application-Layer Traffic Optimization (ALTO) S. Randriamasy, W. Roome, N. Schwan [ October 2017 ]
RFC8190 Updates to the Special-Purpose IP Address Registries R. Bonica, M. Cotton, B. Haberman, L. Vegoda [ June 2017 ]
RFC8191 Home Network Prefix Renumbering in Proxy Mobile IPv6 (PMIPv6) Z. Yan, J. Lee, X. Lee [ August 2017 ]
RFC8192 Interface to Network Security Functions (I2NSF): Problem Statement and Use Cases S. Hares, D. Lopez, M. Zarny, C. Jacquenet, R. Kumar, J. Jeong [ July 2017 ]
RFC8193 Information Model for Large-Scale Measurement Platforms (LMAPs) T. Burbridge, P. Eardley, M. Bagnulo, J. Schoenwaelder [ August 2017 ]
RFC8194 A YANG Data Model for LMAP Measurement Agents J. Schoenwaelder, V. Bajpai [ August 2017 ]
RFC8195 Use of BGP Large Communities J. Snijders, J. Heasley, M. Schmidt [ June 2017 ]
RFC8196 IS-IS Autoconfiguration B. Liu, L. Ginsberg, B. Decraene, I. Farrer, M. Abrahamsson [ July 2017 ]
RFC8197 A SIP Response Code for Unwanted Calls H. Schulzrinne [ July 2017 ]
RFC8198 Aggressive Use of DNSSEC-Validated Cache K. Fujiwara, A. Kato, W. Kumari [ July 2017 ]
RFC8199 YANG Module Classification D. Bogdanovic, B. Claise, C. Moberg [ July 2017 ]
RFC8200 Internet Protocol, Version 6 (IPv6) Specification S. Deering, R. Hinden [ July 2017 ]

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