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This is a modified version of the Internet RFC suitable for machine-translating. Original version is available here: RFC148

Network Working Group                             A. Bhushan
Request for Comments # 148                MIT -- Project MAC
NIC # 6751                                        7 May 1971
Categories: D.1

                          Comments on RFC #123

The requirement that byte size 's' be 32-bits for
the initial connection imposes some severe strains on some of the 36-bit machines. For example, in our PDP-10 (DMCG- ITS) NCP, we have at present no way of sending or receiving exactly 32-bits of data. Data is transmitted either in image mode (36-bit bytes) or in ASCII mode (8-bit characters with the 8th bit as zero). Perhaps we should permit the server to send more than 32-bits (say 72-bits) where the remaining bits could be NULL fillers. The byte size 's' for the connection may be fixed at 8-bits.

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